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  Drake Energy’s comprehensive range of pipeline inspections is offered on a one-off troubleshooting basis or as part of wider project management services. We provide pipeline inspection techniques that detect faults with pinpoint accuracy, giving our clients the chance to achieve optimum performance through subsequent maintenance.  


We offer internal and external inspection solutions for small and large diameter pipes, allowing customers to identify all possible defects. Pipeline Inspection solutions, capabilities and services include:
  • Planning & Preparation of Inspection Programs
  • Pipeline Cleaning Prior To In-line Inspections
  • In-Line Inspection
  • Geometry Inspection
  • Metal Loss & Corrosion Detection
  • Axial Flow Detection
  • Crack & Coating Inspection
  • Combined In-line Inspection
  • Optical Inspection
  • Leak Detection
  • Hydrostatic Testing and Commissioning
  • Data Interpretation
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