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Project Management

Drake Energy has developed its project management skills over the years and built up best practices for managing the most complex of projects. Our project management service includes the control of engineering, change management, QA/QC, HSE, cost and schedule control, materials logistics and inventory management, document control, contract management and construction supervision.
Drake Energy innovative project management systems are compatible with open book accounting systems. Our project team members are either seconded into the client or contracted on an as-needed basis. Drake Energy manages many multi-skilled project demands and are thus able to apply discipline engineers and managers in accordance with the project requirements, so that the team is needs based, not resource based. This gives us the ability to keep project management teams very cost competitive. Operating companies can then avoid high HR costs associated with full time employment of the project team.

Why chose us?

We are leading providers of Equipment maintenance, Process support, Consultancy, Project Management, procurement support services and environmental services to customers.
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